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The Anchoress makes no money from 750,000 streams

Despite her album having been streamed 750,000 times, The Anchoress has not made a single penny from it.

For starters, there are still many former players. In สมัครสมาชิก SLOTXO skills to be used to test success.

On paper, 2020-21 was singer Catherine Davies' most successful year, yet she ended it failing to break even.

She described the situation as "pretty bleak" and said action was needed to stop musicians leaving the industry.

MPs, including Cardiff West's Kevin Brennan, called for artists to split profits equally with labels instead of receiving 16% for streaming.

"If streaming numbers had been record sales, I would have got a gold record on my wall for The Art of Losing," said Glynneath-born Davies.

"But I've earned nothing, not a penny, because of the structure of my label deal. There was a small advance but it didn't cover the cost of mixing."

MPs are calling for a "complete reset" of the market, with musicians given a "fair share" of the £736.5m UK record labels earn from streaming.

However, industry trade body the BPI was more cautious and said streaming was "enabling more artists than ever" to earn a "long-term, sustainable income".

It said new policies should be properly examined to guard against "unintended consequences for investment into new talent".

At present, Spotify is believed to pay between £0.002 and £0.0038 per stream, while Apple Music pays about £0.0059 and YouTube around £0.00052.

Davies believes streaming services are a "double-edged sword", directing people who do not want to pay £10 for a CD or £25 for vinyl towards an artist's music.
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