Leicestershire secondary pupils urged to wear face masks again

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Leicestershire secondary pupils urged to wear face masks again


Secondary school children are being asked to wear face coverings in communal areas of schools in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

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Leicestershire County Council has written to parents, via head teachers, urging them to take the extra measure.

Infection levels in the county are "approaching the highest levels seen during the pandemic", the authority said.

The council's plea follows similar moves around the country.

Face coverings are not required under government rules, but earlier this month the head teacher of South Charnwood High School told pupils they would be expected to wear masks again in communal areas, including classrooms.

Educational establishments in Derby, Cambridgeshire and Trafford have also reintroduced them.

'Considerable pressure'
Three areas of Leicestershire and Rutland are currently among the top 20 areas in England for high weekly coronavirus infection rates.

These are Hinckley and Bosworth, which has an infection rate of 666 per 100,000 people in the week up to 19 November, while Rutland recorded a rate of 639 and Melton's reached 622.

The authority said there was "particular concern" the virus is having an impact on students' attendance and affecting the vaccination roll-out for young people.

Public health director Mike Sandys said: "Unfortunately we are seeing coronavirus again putting considerable pressure on schools.

"We have been supporting a number of schools in dealing with outbreaks through the autumn term and now I am asking headteachers more widely to consider further measures within schools to help reduce the spread of the virus as winter approaching."
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